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Why You should be Choosing a Divorce Specialist Agent

Divorces can be difficult and complex issues to negotiate. It is important to find an agent that will help make the process of dealing with your matrimonial home as smooth and seamless as possible. When choosing an agent to help sell your home during a separation or divorce, choosing someone that specializes in Divorce is your best bet. Divorce Specialist Agents are set apart by their ability to stay impartial to both sides, who is able to provide an effective means of communication between both separating parties and their support networks – family, lawyers, mediators etc. – and someone who is able to empathize with both sides of the negotiations. 3

Things you should look for when Choosing your Divorce Specialist:

1) You want someone who will be Impartial

The purpose of having a Divorce Specialist Agent is to ensure you have a person that is neutral to both sides and can foster trust and collaboration during your real estate negotiations. Being impartial to one side or the other allows the Agent to develop the right strategy for your situation. Not all separations require the sale of the matrimonial home, and it is essential that the Agent put the needs and best interests of the family as a whole before any one person or side. A truly impartial Divorce Specialist knows that their job is not just to “get the most” financially for their clients but to find a solution that is mutually beneficial to both sides, and any dependants that may be involved.

2) Look for someone with Clear and Concise Communication

Abilities Clear communication is the foundation for smooth and stress-free interactions between separating parties. Having an Agent that is able to keep both sides informed clearly and directly ensures that all parties involved understand the decision making process, and can have a voice in the proceedings. It is the Agent’s job to make sure that all of the transaction information is transferred correctly, and that both sides not only understand what they’ve been told, but that is resonates and sticks with them. Otherwise, parties may misunderstand the proceedings, and things may get confused or misinterpreted later on. The Divorce Specialist’s job is to keep the real estate decisions clear and retain objectivity in the decision making process, and keeping the proceedings as stress-free as possible.

3) Someone who is Empathic

Separations are emotional roller-coasters for everyone involved. Your Divorce Separation Agent must acknowledge and respect that, as well as ensure everyone’s needs are heard throughout the negotiation process. They must consider both the emotional and practical sides of the proceedings, and from that, help develop strategies for both the long and short-term needs of the parties involved. This means your Agent must be relatable, non-judgemental and patient. It is their job to help their clients navigate not only the monetary resolution for their matrimonial home but to also provide the emotional support and understanding required to facilitate resolutions within the decision-making process.

These 3 qualities are incredibly important when you’re selecting an Agent to represent you through your separation. The matrimonial home is generally one of your largest assets and is often the most contested. This can make the experience incredibly emotional. Therefore it is paramount that you trust your Agent to do the best job they can not just for you, but for everyone involved, so they can preserve your personal and your family’s future. Having an Agent that you trust to provide the neutrality, kindness, and helpfulness, as well as the legal and industry expertise is a key step in creating a collaborative and respectful negotiation environment, and finding a resolution for all.

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